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>> eric: this is a fox news alert. violent protests dominated the state house in michigan throughout the day. tens of thousands gathered, tempers flared. here are the dramatic sights and sound from a critical day in future of the unionized america. [bleep] [ yelling ]
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>> shut your mouth. it wasn't talking to you. put your hands on me and see what happens. >> this is -- >> leave us alone. leave us alone or we'll come for you and get you out of your position. >> eric: but this is probably the most dramatic fox news contributor getting sucker punched by the union thugs. watch. >> get the [bleep] out of my face. get the [bleep] out of my face. >> you hurt a lady -- >> i didn't hurt nobody. get the [bleep] out of my face. back off. back the [bleep] off. >> okay. [ yelling ] [bleep] [ yelling ] >> eric: so why so much anger? why the threat? the answer is simply this. the collective bargaining
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experiment in america is over. the unions are finished. whopping 20% of the workforce in michigan is one of the most unionized states in america. it's no coincidence that michigan is also the 46th worst state in unemployment. the unions know what is happening. they sense their demise. it's imminent. they're fighting to the bitter end. it won't matter. gor snider is doing what's best for the state? michigan is simply out of options. go to greg first but i'm listening to bob moo moan. what? union thuggery. >> bob: to say that the collective bargaining era is over, collective bargaining brought every worker in this country benefits that they would not otherwise have had. union people not with a strike mind and did it. from five-day work week to paid vacations to child labor laws, so kids wouldn't work in unsafe environment. all of those things.
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the guys can thank unions for. the idea to say there is an experiment. salmonella is an experiment. this is the basic heart of the american labor movement. it's crushed by this guy, this governor and this republican legislature. >> eric: salmonella is a bacteria. >> bob: that's what i'm saying. >> eric: 24 states in union, governor snyder signs the dock innocent law. 24 states are right to work states. >> greg: this is amazing to me that employers can force new workers to actually join a union. that is like the yankees' pitchers spotting the red sox five runs. this is arguing against choice, which makes no sense. then you have this violence, incredible violence that the unions, will not stop until they destroy every city. they're like without cool clothing. >> eric: how can -- >> greg: how can you argue
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what you just saw? they're thugs. they're scum. >> bob: they went against management. >> bob: you are okay -- >> bob: they got helping hand three times by management thugs who brought in -- >> greg: so contributor is a thug? the guy that was standing there is a thug that got cold-cocked by one your jerks? >> bob: the union guys have been historically been beat up and killed. >> greg: for the greater good. violence is okay for the greater good. >> eric: because you took advantage of it. how did i take advantage of it? >> bob: do you take a weekend off? >> greg: i take advantage because i take a weekend off? that's okay to punch that guy in the face? punch anymore face. that's okay? >> bob: do you know how many labor guys have been punched in the face and murdered? >> greg: how many? what does it do with crowder punched in the face? >> bob: i don't care about crowder. >> greg: at least you're honest. >> eric: angela, you look at the state house. it reminds you of wisconsin a couple of years ago.
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governor walker broke collective bargaining. jobs came back to the state. >> andrea: they are giving people a choice. i thought most democrats were pro-choice. in america you should not be forced to join an organization. you should not be forced to pay in that organization. it's like a protective racket. i'll tell you why this is so significant. >> eric: they don't take the money. >> bob: they do. they get the same benefits. >> andrea: this is michigan. this is why this is great. union memberships have been declining. you know it. they gave the workers in wisconsin a choice. union workers squeezed, squeezed by obama care. >> bob: the unions are in demise. we know this. the scabs are taking the job, taking the same wages that the union guys fought for in collective bargaining. >> eric: can we draw up the full screen. the non-right to work states and the unemployment rate. the right to work state,
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unemployment rate are 6.9%. in the non-right to work. unions, where you have to, have to you join a union in industries in those states. >> bob: those are low-paying, backward state. >> eric: non-right to work states. new york. california. >> bob: right to work states are mostly in the south. >> do we a favor. i don't know if you have it loaded in. maybe you do. throw up the right to work states, 23 or 24. michigan is the 24th. if we have that, throw it up there. in the meantime, they are going to get it up. here we go. there you go. >> bob: that look like the south? >> eric: it's the west. >> bob: it looks like a republican electoral map.
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>> eric: move on. dana take a look at president obama who says the right to work is being politicized. listen. >> what we shouldn't be doing is try to take away your right to bargain for better wages. [ applause ] >> the so-called right to work laws, they don't have to do with economics. they have everything to do with politics. >> eric: who's politicizing it in >> dana: since i haven't said anything yet this whole show, first of all, collective bargaining is maintained in this bill, when it will be signed. the difference is a right to work state you have a choice as employee whether or not to join the union. the unions would have to compete to say we think that we could represent you better. we hope you agree with us. they have to compete for the business. the governor is a self-made man who is basically doing public service in his career. he doesn't need to work another day in his life but he decided to stay in michigan. indiana became a right to work state a couple of years ab.
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michigan has been watching all the progression and the job goes to indiana. not to china. but to indiana. so the governor says okay, bay area do you think? 51 to 47%. michigan support this move to be a right to work state. there are 30 states headed up by the republican governors. you know what they have to do? clean up the problem for the past couple of decades to figure out how could we get jobs to stay in america. if this violence had been at a tea party do you think we would have heard the end of it? no. instead, it those be all of a sudden it's your fault or my fault. i'm to blame because if someone kills his girlfriend with a gun. i'm to blame if someone punchs somebody in the face. because of the republicans? it's not my fault people in michigan don't have jobs. >> bob: if you were with the united mine workers when they sent in guys with guns and shot these guys down there trying to execute the right to collective bargaining. long history.
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>> dana: collective bargaining is maintained in this bill. >> andrea: why are they fighting? there must be generous packages on the table. not talking about the hardworking union workers. >> bob: scabs get the same package. >> andrea: the greedy union leaders that don't know when to stop. it's prove that these groups are antiquated. they don't do what they used to do. the people are saying you know what? i'm sick and tired of my dues that i'm paying going to campaign contributions for things that i don't believe in. >> greg: the only way for progressivism to succeed is by force. if you give the workers choices they say no. that is what the unions are knowing that more people are working. that attracts more businesses, creating more taxes that go to the state. they know they are on the losing end. that's why they are violent. >> eric: it usually happened at a bad economic time. in michigan, i don't blame the guys for saying they want to have a right to work. >> greg: you don't blame
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them for the violence? >> bob: you thought that was violence? have you seen violence? >> dana: held up -- >> andrea: what is wrong with the choice? >> bob: if you have a choice then you don't take things negotiated by the union. >> greg: why you -- why this is accept to believe you. >> bob: there are certain points particularly in the labor movement that people had to fight for their rights. >> greg: is so a guy is punched in the face having a conversation is justified in your book? i want you to be normal and say no, it's wrong. >> bob: i this it's wrong the guy gets beat up. do i think more labor guys have been blooded and killed by management and goons -- >> greg: so youten score? >> bob: at some point maybe you do. >> eric: can we add one more top tic to this block? we're watching crowder being punchinged again. in the meantime, teachers actually left in droves, they called in sick to the tune where students were left home and couldn't go to school, classrooms were shut down.
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union thugs beat the crap out of people -- >> bob: union thugs? >> eric: and teachers are -- >> greg: what do you call dish >> dana: you call people scabs and you are upset someone says union thugs? >> andrea: how can you have it both ways? you are a tough group that put the giant inflatable rafts in front of the construction projects or nonunion construction par projects across the country or you're now a little victim who can't help themselves and everyone else is -- you're a big group that go on people's houses in wall street and bully those people and trespass. and overwhelm them and -- >> bob: wall street does that. >> andrea: where are the unions? >> dana: the unions did have an effective and important role in past. but i also think that other -- as companies have had to evolve, the unions need to evolve as well. they are getting terrible advice right now and there are ways to work with the
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governor, what only has their best interest in mind. what else does he want? why else would he do it? why? why? >> eric: >> bob: it brings people in to take advantage of the work the unions did. >> eric: honestly, bob -- >> dana: what is the other option? they don't have jobs at all? >> bob: if they join the union. >> bob: he is not a idealogue or partisan guy. he built a big business. he was successful. he want what is is best for michigan. >> eric: we have to go. >> dana: 57% of michigan agree. >> bob: why did they attack the innocent what did they have against camping? >> eric: they attacked a tent. crowder was trying to make sure no one got hurt inside the tent. coming up, truth about the most controversial scenes in a controversial movie "zero dark thirty." a lot of backlash over the waterboarding staged in the bin laden raid film. keep it right here.
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the red cross was down here all the time. [ man ] they've given us a lot of heart. in times of need, they're there. ♪ [ kerry ] my dad was watching his house burn. he turned around, and all of a sudden, therwas this guy standing there from the red cross. at a point where i had just lost everything, the idea that there was someone there... that's an amazing thing. ♪
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♪ ♪ >> andrea: we still haven't stopped debating from the "a" block in the commercial break, but we're going to another topic. the new bin laden raid movie "zero dark thirty" appeared last night in los angeles. it's based on the story of a real-life c.i.a. agent who successfully tracked down the world's most wanted terrorist. there appears to be drama about the same spy off-screen as well. according to the "washington post," the unidentified operative was passed over for a big promotion, after the raid. and has ad argued with her colleagues over credit for the mission. so dan, a the movie premiers next week. but the woman is the central figure and hailed as the central figure because she pushed over and over for a year saying it's the curious that will lead us for bin laden. she is causing a bit of a stir because i guess she didn't get
2:18 pm
this promotion and hit replay all to e-mail announcement of the award that everyone is getting, she got one say, saying you tried to obstruct me, you fought me, only i deserve the award. maybe not good to shoot inside the tent in this one? >> bob: i thought the courier thing was george bush intelligence operation. >> andrea: is your name dana? >> bob: sorry. >> dana: it's okay. when i read about this today this is the first time i heard about her. it's hard for me to understand or to know, i don't know the facts of where the blurring of the lines between hollywood and making up a good story and reality mix. i suppose because of the attention to the movie we will find out more. but it'ses ifnating to think it would be, if it was, if it's true, her effort to say no, this way, go this way, go this way. she is determined. like one of our favorite programs we watch on here. it sounds like it could be
2:19 pm
fictionm character or actually could be true. interested to find out more. >> eric: this is very interesting, everyone on the left said here is a bigelow movie. she has great information and intel from the f.b.i. from the f.b.i. building. when she makes an accurate portrayal of the movie where waterboarding takes place or information gleaned from enhanceed interrogation leads from the cour your to bin laden all of a sudden, wait, don't glorify waterboarding or torture. they want something different. liberals in hollywood and outside hollywood want a different depiction of how the info is. >> andrea: she has come under fire because she is accused of working closely with hollywood. she becomes the star of the movie. coincidence? greg, i got to ask you about this. new york magazine critic david edalstein brands "zero dark thirty" as morally reprehensible, because there is a scene with waterboarding. so shocker, just like the
2:20 pm
video you asked who pushed the video, trying to sensor another movie, because i guess they don't agree with it. >> greg: waterboarding more like awesome boarding. the unspeakable truth here is everybody wants -- they will never say this, but even wants torture on the table. if you ask a person one question, say your child or your spouse was abducted and they had a person in custody with the information and time was running out would you mind, would you mind if we used every means available to extract information? if you deny that you're lying. >> eric: even if you are a liberal. >> andrea: so bob, senator feinstein says there was no torture involved. barack obama said no torture involved. this is just a movie. why are liberals up in arms? >> bob: first of all, i think people now who see this woman who had been for years pushing the idea of the
2:21 pm
waterboarding. this torture. the united states should stand for something better than that. >> greg: you didn't answer the question. >> bob: what is the question? >> greg: if it's a spouse or child -- >> bob: i would have take an gun and put it at their head. i'm not the government of the united states. that is my point. >> greg: i hope the government would do the same thing if it was my family. that is my point. >> eric: that is the point. you are gaining information that would hopefully stop a terrorist attack that might kill thousands of people. >> bob: i thought it was c.i.a. that got the intelligence, not f.b.i. >> andrea: isn't in a movie? liberals say it's reprehensible. >> dana: right. so what dianne feinstein said, i know of the joint commission and the investigation in waterboarding. i know them very well. i would take the word of those people over hollywood depiction of it any day. a lot of people will see the movie.
2:22 pm
it's a good thing. but sometimes it's difficult to separate hollywood from the truth. in this case, sounds like the liberals are mad and there is a good reason for it. >> bob: where did you come up with the notion that liberals are against this whole thing? i haven't heard that. >> andrea: there is a bit of outrage. >> bob: so that's all liberals, right? >> andrea: "new yorker" sant conservative magazine but it doesn't get waive ray reviews for one scene. they can make a movie without being jailed. no, they can't. >> bob: is there anything wrong with taking exception to torture? >> andrea: coming up, could marijuana be used here at "the five"? no, that was the wrong script. kidding. could it be on a menu on your local bar or coffee shop? one owner is not allowing pot to be smoked in his bar. but don't break out the bongs yet. dana will explain next on "the five." ♪
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♪ ♪ >> dana: washington was first and now colorado became the second state yesterday to make recreational pot legal for people 21 years and older. there is still confusion, though, on how the laws will hold up on a federal level. according to a gallup poll, 64% of americans say they think the feds should leave the states alone where pot laws are passed. governor mitch donnels said without endorsing what they did, they had under the system a right to do it. basically, said if even i disagreed with it, i wouldn't call for usurping the right of the state here. greg, you first.
2:28 pm
cansky you something? >> greg: no. >> dana: what is recreational use? >> greg: that kills me. >> dana: what does that mean? >> greg: experimentation. in college i experimented. what? you wore white lab coat? no. you did drugs. you do drugs. what tells me about this, i am for legalization, decriminalization. it's not about taxation. i just think -- nothing could be worse -- dabs representation. >> greg: without drug recreation. now i lost my point. my point is this. you can smoke pot in a bar, but you can't smoke cigarett cigarettes, which blows my mind as cigarette smoker. what about secondhand punchies? >> dana: are there bars for pot in amsterdam? >> eric: you have to call the bar a club, membership club to make it legal and smoke pot. >> eric: it's state right versus the federal oversight.
2:29 pm
listen, i'm for pushing over the the states that you can. so i guess i have to be okay with colorado and washington state. but the feds, it's weird. the feds are picking and choosing where they are going to enforce. they will go to oakland to bust people. but they are going to let it in mont clair, new jersey, across the river, there is a pot dispensary. it's illegal on every level. but they will leigh that. >> dana: look at a google map. >> eric: it's strange how they pick and choose which municipalities will -- >> dana: i was wondering when your dad when he owned the diners and the restaurants do you think this law passed would he have allowed pot smoking in the dine ore the restaurant? >> andrea: i don't think he would have. my mom would have said no way. even though he would have said let anybody in. we had a smoking section, nonsmoking section. >> dana: like a peeing end of the pool.
2:30 pm
>> greg: what are you talking about? what kind of pool did you go to? >> dana: smoking sections don't work. >> andrea: it permeates the nonsmoking area. a lot of cafes in amsterdam have alcohol. how do you all of a sudden sit there and say all right, i'm under the limit legal of alcohol, i only had a couple of puffs of a joint and i'm going to get in my car and drive home. before i do, i have legal san antonixanax that the doctor. >> dana: how does a work? i guess a law with driving impaired -- how do the police do that? >> bob: there are tests for driving under marijuana. same in amsterdam you can buy heroin and get yourself shot up, too. this is why we have to ask yourselves, as much as i don't like the idea, whether it's a worthwhile evident we can go within two blocks of this building right now, i could go out and buy an ounce of dope
2:31 pm
for probably $1200. it's everywhere. it's everywhere. the question is at some point do you say to yourself whether it's legal or illegal, are the police really going to spend their time chasing after these things or are they going to go after serious crime? >> andrea: the problem is, this is why i am in favor of decriminalizing small amounts is because they do in california and the prisons are flooded with the very small infractions, rather than say going after largeer infractions. >> eric: i don't think they are. i don't think the prisons are flooded. that is a misnomer. >> andrea: it's a big issue in california. 'canes is something you think -- >> dana: that is something you think. a lot of people are in jail that was made legal in washington and colorado? >> greg: you have bad people in jail. a guy goes in there because of a little infraction, you ruin his life. that is a problem. i spent time in amsterdam. i proposed to my wife there. we went around amsterdam taking pictures, because it was fun.
2:32 pm
but in every picture that we developed there was somebody in the back ground throwing up. there were people -- >> dana: delightful. >> greg: people were so high. the wedding pictures we through -- every picture a sick person was retching or passing out. i'm going i don't know. >> andrea: was one your wife after you proposed to her? >> dana: a lot of people are trying to eat dinner now. >> dana: rolling stones had concert in new jersey this last weekend and filled with -- it sold out the place but there was mostly baby boomers trying to recapture their youth. aapparently for somebody who was there said you could smell dope everywhere. police go in there dand something about it? >> dana: eric, the last thought to you. the government in colorado, they have to get together because guess what they have to talk about? how they tax it. >> eric: they better tax it. if they legalize it or decriminalize it, tax it. dabs i want the pot smoke torres pay their fair share.
2:33 pm
>> eric: i would prefer to have pot illegally federal and state level. >> andrea: but it's crazy. under the commerce clause the fed have to regulate it. but it's illegal according to the federal government. eric holder's office can't tell colorado what is legal and what is not. they said we will get back to you. ridiculous. >> dana: coming up, greg bracks out his crystal ball. and tell us what the world is expected to look like in the year 2030. guess what? not good news for america. that is next on "the five." ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] shift the balance of power decisively in your favor. the exclusive eight-speed transmission
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>> i'm bret baier in washington. the big story today is the outcry over a right to work bill to become law in michigan. tonight on "special report," the republican led statehouse
2:38 pm
passes the measure prohibiting almost all public sector unions from acquiring that workers pay union dues, even if they are not in the union. a democratic state legislature predicted there would be blood after the vote and things got harry in lansing. two weeks before christmas. and harry reid says it will be difficult to get legislation passed before then. g.o.p. made a counter offer to the president. so what is in it? the federal government sold shares of aig. they report $5 billion profit. there is a catch. we'll tell you what it is. ♪ ♪
2:39 pm
>> greg: by the year 2030, america will no long ber the only super power. according to global trends 2030, the u.s. will be first among equals as brazil, india and china continue to rise. communist china works. i wonder if he would be willing to report state run economy. i doubt the white house cares. being number two means never being number one. if you believe exceptionalism is quaint you don't like being number one to begin with. we no longer refer to achieveer as successful. we call them rich to make them target for withdrawal. if you are good at what you do
2:40 pm
you become obama's atm. pin code for pork. the report says we'll be cyborg with neuroenhangment for superhuman abilities. will robots be forced to unio unionize? >> dana: where were you when you wrote that? were you in a bar in colorado or washington state? >> greg: why? >> dana: it was like a pink floyd song. well done. >> greg: thanks. since you talk already, do you mind that america is dieing? is that funny? >> dana: this is an exercise they do a blue sky thing, to think about what will happen. they are missing an important element. two. one is the innate desire for freedom around the world.
2:41 pm
second is technological revolution born in america to change the world to keep america dominant. fracking technology to make us more energy independent. bost first, immelt speaking as the ceo of g.e. china is doing a good job. they kick our butts for two decades. >> greg: why is that? >> dana: wait until they get collective bargaining. >> bob: they will. >> dana: right. >> bob: 1.3 billion. they make an economy work. you can't take away the economy. >> eric: i disagree. china is not kicking our butts in anything. if you start from zero, 1.3 people living in peasant tri for 100 years. they move up at 7%.
2:42 pm
we have the strongest economy, highest standard of living. best life expectancy. china would love to be us some day. not going to happen by 2030. >> eric: i can't believe you're so optimistic when barack obama as president. he only has four more years. >> bob: you don't think there is something to be said for china owning u.s. bonds >> eric: fix that. we should fix that. >> andrea: we have to keep borrowing more from china. >> bob: we're not borrowing. we have a trade imbalance. >> andrea: they own us. we buy their stuff. listen to what he is saying. he is the u.s. job czar. what has he done with g.e. besides take $1.2 billion of the stimulus? wisconsin company over to china. virginia lightbulb company to china. g.e. lost 34,000 jobs in this
2:43 pm
country. >> bob: how many companies send them to china. >> eric: why are they spending snell cheap labor. you told me union brings the cost up for everyone. number two, they are tacking the beegeezes out of companies here. of course they go overseas. >> bob: you say it's the highest tax rate for corporations here? misnomer. >> dana: highest in the free world. >> bob: deductions they pay less than other countries. >> dana: what he meant is poverty in china is outrageous. they respect people's skills but they don't respect their opinions so they fall completely short. we should do more to help improve the human rights situation. >> eric: you talk about the greatness of the union move in the the "a" block. if you unionize china would they have any growth whatsoever at all? if you slap minimum wage on
2:44 pm
chinese worker what would happen? >> bob: do there what robert barrons did here, murder, maim union people. >> greg: oi vey. >> bob: yeah, right. if you sit back there and say if you leigh aside -- immelt was not talking about the human rights issue or anything else. he talked about business. if you believe china hasn't outbusinessed us you're kidding yourself. >> andrea: he doesn't even pay taxes on the jobs he shifts overseas. that is a problem. >> greg: ever get the feeling the mannequin in the department store is staring at you? i do, but that is because i'm gorgeous. there you are. i told you to wait in car. next. ♪ ♪ why is it that the most impressive technology
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♪ ♪ >> bob: i don't know what the song has to do with the segment. two weeks before christmas. you're scrambling to find
2:49 pm
loveed ones in the store, watch out for mannequins. some of them could be watching you. italian company has been rolling out new technology that goes to eyes of mannequins and record shopping patterns from customers. does that creep anyone else out? greg creep you out? this is greg's date for the prom. >> greg: mannequin with a camera for eyes is that a metaphor for main stream media? mannequins, 2012. sexist. why are we calling at it mannequin? shouldn't it be persononequins? i'm disgusting we are doing the topic without addressing the inherit bigotryvod in this. [ laughter ] that's all i got. >> dana: bob, when you just said does it creep you out? that song is by eric church called "creeping." now you can rest easy.
2:50 pm
if they have this and it tracks my shopping patterns and makes my shopping experience better in the future, i'm good. >> eric: that is the way they sell it. we'll watch the shopping patterns. this is so they can make sure you don't rip stuff up. >> andrea: this discriminates against people like me who shop a lot i'm on camera more than someone who doesn't shop. this is scary but it happens every day with people's purchasing habit online. they are mining our data. this time it's information. they sell it. >> greg: i have an interesting question. >> dana: oh. >> greg: let's say you are a strange man and you decide to take off your clothes in front of the mannequin is that indecent exposure?
2:51 pm
>> andrea: it doesn't record -- >> greg: it's going somewhere. would you be arrested. >> dana: where have you been this afternoon? >> andrea: it doesn't record your naked body. i just record man, 40-year-old, brown hair, short. >> bob: what scares me is google and they are tailor the individual ads. for example, in both kimberly and andrea's position they have shoe ads the experience on amazon and google. >> dana: yeah. >> andrea: yeah. >> dana: also, there is a website i visit a lot and they do that. i visited one -- a website -- visited the company of a website. whatever. website company to get customize jeans and they would make them for you. but i'm really short. i get the custom fit jeans. i went on the website and i got jeans from them. it didn't like them. it sent them back.
2:52 pm
every time i went on the website to get my news this company would pop up. >> andrea: don't you think that is scary they read the e-mails. so the minute they find out you are single you get you had viagra ads or something? >> bob: i get them all the time. do you know that eric has a pair -- folks out there, watching. >> eric: this is b.s. >> bob: he bought a pair of jeans for $420 that are rippe ripped. >> eric: diesel jeans. they're not -- they're like $80 stop it. >> andrea: it's a brand. >> greg: i have an idea. you know what the mannequins, future of the mannequins are, if anybody calls in sick for class or for work, you just send a mannequin in with a camera. sits in your seat. takes down notes. >> dana: you never have to leave. >> greg: the mannequin could be your -- what is the word? >> dana: eyes and ears. >> greg: maybe. >> eric: most people put the -- >> greg: i want a mannequin, eric. i want a mannequin. >> bob: take a picture.
2:53 pm
there it is. the mannequin behind greg. it's 6'8". perfect for greg. it's really a very attractive person who has gotten overdose on heroin. >> dana: i used to have that haircut. >> bob: i don't believe it. one more thing is next. almost got you, didn't i? >> andrea: huh-uh. ♪ ♪ can i help you?
2:54 pm
2:55 pm
2:56 pm
i heard you guys can ship ground for less than the ups store. that's right. i've learned the only way to get a holiday deal is to camp out. you know we've been open all night. is this a trick to get my spot? [ male announcer ] break from the holiday stress. save on ground shipping at fedex office.
2:57 pm
>> eric: all right. time for one more thing. going quickly. minutes ago governor snyder in michigan signed the right to work bill in to law. there he is. just after he signed it. making michigan the 24th state in union right to work. we also should note within minutes richard trumka, union thug said -- >> bob: union thug? >> eric: said snyder is a puppet of the extreme donors. >> bob: richard trumka is a thug. do you know anything about him? of course not. >> dana: president george w. bush has had many titles. son, father, governor, husband, commander-in-chief. but the best title is sure to come. jenna announced she is having a baby. i know the president and mrs. laura bush have been waiting for a grandchild. it wish them all the best.
2:58 pm
congratulations, jenna. >> andrea: for years that men have been told they have to wax their bodies and be more communecative and do all the different things. well no,, says one columnist. this column is lighting up the web. six things women love about men. look at this, men. you will be excited. one, you are a man of few words. you have don't have tro sit there and communicate with her every single issue. you car reress her harm. bob, your hair body. women love it. don't wax dand manscaping. she loves your emotional attachment to the sports team. who is in woman? loves when you act tough. i agree. i like a man being a man. loves your artistic side and loves the geek i can electronics obsession. >> dana: i was down with the first two. not with the harry. >> andrea: i like geek i can
2:59 pm
electronic obsession. >> eric: greg, you're up. >> greg: bus tour! leaving saturday, december 15. you keep bringing it up. oklahoma city. december 15. grapevine, tyler, woodlands, katy. go to >> eric: you are up,be bob. >> greg: 20 seconds of your life. >> bob: fine. you doing well. i'm proud of you. i would like to since this was a little abrupt opening for me, i would like to mention three people. union members. charlie murphy who lost his leg during a coal strike. marching on a picket line. >> greg: how long ago was that? >> bob: can i nin >> greg: sure. go ahead. >> bob: bill mcguire lost his life as teamster after being pulled from his truck by the truck company using scabs and thugs, beat him to death michigan o

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